Company MANEX designs and produces a wide range of equipment and conveyors with use of own and proven construction solutions with use of modern technologies.


Single purpose machines and equipment, constructionally designed and produced by company MANEX prove useful within various automated operations and production plants. We produce most frequently standard equipment such as turntables, perpendicular transmission units for pallets and pallet magazines.

Construction and production of special equipment and single purpose machines are to large extent influenced by requirements connected with applications delivered within automated lines and workplaces realized by company MANEX.

These are mainly devices performing a specific type of manipulation or another undefined type of operation. For example carton elevators, accumulation tables, group packs swappers, preparation tables, conveyors with horizontal or vertical movement or tilt conveyors.

Manex also acts as robot integrator and for such applications it designs and produces grippers and manipulation heads.

Technical solution is designed on the basis of specific requirements so that the equipment may fulfil the required performance, utility and quality criteria. Products of MANEX are assembled from parts of own production and purchased standard components of foremost producers (NORD, SEW, INTERROLL, SYSTEMPLAST, SMC, FESTO, etc.) If the application requires it the equipment is delivered including electro installation and management system.


All types of conveyors are produced on the basis of own and proven construction solution with use of most modern technologies. We produce most frequently: Belt conveyors, Slat-chain conveyors for group packs and bottles, Roller conveyors for group packs, Roller and chain pallet conveyors.

In case of individual requirements of the customer company MANEX is able to produce also non-standardised modules of conveyors and also conveyors according to original drawing documentation. In such case we tailor the conveyors to customer´s needs.

Modules of conveyors of MANEX are used within projects by numerous Slovak and foreign companies. Customized conveyors produced by company MANEX are exported mainly to Denmark, Sweden and the Czech Republic.

Conveyors are delivered as complex solution including electro installation and pneumatic components. All types of conveyors contain components of renowned producers such as for example NORD, SEW, INTERROLL, SYSTEMPLAST, SMC, FESTO. The steel and stainless-steel components of conveyors are produced „in house“ in own production plant of MANEX.