MANEX company is a family owned business that offers highly professional solutions in the field of automation and a quality mechanical engineering production.

The main activity consists in the design, production and delivery of complex automated systems for the field of transport, handling, packaging and filling of various types of goods.

With comprehensive solutions of automation of process lines, solutions of robotic systems and conveying systems, the company MANEX, which was founded in 1994, is well-established in the food, chemical, construction, paper and automotive industries. Currently is going on an expansion into other industries.

The handling, packaging and filling lines of MANEX as well as the independently delivered equipment are currently used by tenth of clients in Slovakia and abroad.

Company MANEX within its production plant deals also with production of components and parts of machines, conveyors and single purpose machines and equipment. Emphasis on product quality and satisfaction of the customer are the reason for successful export of MANEX production to renowned companies in whole Europe.

Within its effort to maintain first class quality and increase its competitiveness the company MANEX focuses its activities on continuous restoration and improvements of machines, revitalization of production plant and innovation of IT Technologies. MANEX actively cooperates with Technical University in Košice and participates in scientific and research projects which enable the origin of unique technical solutions.

Top experts in MANEX use their extensive professional knowledge at creation of technological procedures, solutions of construction assignments and the mechanical engineering production itself. The goal is to satisfy the specific requirements of customers whereas we prefer individual approach to technological solutions of projects.

The company MANEX has currently a team of 60 people and the production plant disposing with own production, storing and administrative premises covers 5760 m2. The production area of company MANEX forms an industrial unit which is equipped with machines and devices for basic processing of metals as well as modern technologies for processing of metal parts.

MANEX has been for more than 20 years a guarantee of quality and reliability. MANEX uses managerial and information systems ABRA (production module), it is a holder of certificates ISO 9001:2009, ISO 14001:2005 and ISO 18001:2009, it has an elaborated internal system of production and maintaining of quality and system of archiving of production documentation for the case of repeated production.