In year 2009 company MANEX became the holder of certificate ISO 9001:2009 and it uses this System of quality management in the field of production, assembly and service. For fulfilling the goal to produce in Slovakia the „Swedish“ quality the company has processed an internal system of production and maintaining the quality, system of archiving of production documentation for the case of repeated production.

MANEX is aware of the fact that all it´s activities directly influence the environment and the whole society. Therefore we decided in year 2014 to introduce the Environmental Management System certificate ISO 14001:2005.

We provide our co-workers also the possibility of further professional development, education and carrier advancement. We make an effort to create a pleasant working environment thanks to which we increase the comfort of our employees. We are aware of the fact that for excellent success of the company we need perfect work and that can be achieved only in suitable environment. Therefore we are proud that we succeeded in year 2014 in acquiring the Occupational Health and Safety Management System STN OHSAS 18001:2009.

MANEX believes in strength and potential of innovations and therefore has been developing for long time cooperation with Technical University in Košice. It also participates in scientific and research projects which enable the origin of unique technical solutions. We participate regularly in international robotic conference ROBTEP where we have a possibility to present our unique solutions introduced in practise and learn about the newest trends and inventions on foreign Faculties of Robotics.

We visit every year several fairs and exhibitions abroad. We compare our company with competitors, we follow current technological trends and strengthen contacts with business partners. In Slovakia we regulary participate in Export forums and Cooperation Days.